Best Way to Plan an Amazing Corporate Event

March 24, 2015

Planning a large scale corporate event is not for the faint of heart. Everyone always wants the same thing – the best possible event – an event that people walk away from and actually remember.  Not just remember, but talk about after, and then look forward to next year’s event.  It is safe to assume that you have visions of greatness dancing through your head.  

A corporate event often serves  different purposes – inspiration, education, entertainment. However a number of things are necessary in order to achieve a successful event internally while knocking the attendees’ socks off.  


The very first thing sounds very dull and dreary, however, in order to ensure an incredible event, you must make lists.  From potential guest lists, to deadlines, to requested passed hors d’oeuvres, organization is your saving grace, and your best friend is a list.  Whether kept online or written in a notebook, keeping lists is imperative.  


The second most important part is  setting a budget.  Not just any budget, but a realistic budget.  There’s no shame in wanting to maximize your budget, and wanting the event to seem as if it cost a million dollars, even if that is far from your actual budget.  In fact, everyone should strive for that.  Create a list of all of the anticipated expenses (entertainment, décor, venue, food beverage, etc.), then start obtaining quotes for each. Some vendors might give you very high quotes while others give low.  Once you have a range, prioritize the items and aspects of the event where you are willing to spend more money.  Once the budget and allocation are determined, do not veer!  


Lastly, do not get bogged down by the minutiae.  Ultimately, you are planning an event that you want people to enjoy and remember.  Not only should the company / corporation be happy with the décor, venue, catering, etc. but the attendees should be as well. The happier the attendees are the happier the company.