Getting Started?

March 17, 2015

Being a full service event planning firm, we know that there are many “moving parts” and lots of things to consider when you start the planning process.  We also know that there are times when an event’s budget may not be big enough to bring in event planning professionals, but we are still here to help!  Aside from our free event consultations, we have also come up with a few tips and tricks to get you started.


Prioritize.  Figure out what the most important components of your event are and start there.  Every event is different and so too are the necessities required in order to bring your vision to life, no matter how large or small.  For some events, the venue may be at the top of the list, for others it may be the catering, the décor, the theme, the entertainment or even the overall guest experience.  Make sure that you give yourself enough time (and enough of the budget) to give these things the respect and care they deserve.


Pay attention to first impressions.  If you are working with a venue or vendors, be very mindful of how quickly they respond to you, how willing they are to meet your needs and how eager they seem to “win” your business.  You are the client and ultimately, you should feel that these people, places or companies really want YOU.  These initial interactions tend to be good indicators of what the relationship will be like moving forward.  If you feel a bit uneasy or like things are taking too long, remember, this is probably not the ONLY person or place where you can get what you need and you have the right to choose to work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and accommodated, even on a tight budget!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Whether this is your first time planning an event or something you have done hundreds of times, you can always be faced with unchartered territory, so when in doubt, ask!  Event planning can be stressful!  The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel and the less likely you make it for unpleasant “surprises” later on.  Google is an incredible resource, feel free to check and double check.  Also keep in mind that any time you are working with a ”professional” or someone who provides a service, they should be willing and prepared to answer all of your questions, no matter how many you may have or how “silly” they may seem.