How To Select The Perfect Venue?

March 10, 2015

When planning an event, one of the first tasks to check off is finding the ideal venue for your special occasion.  There are various styles of spaces to consider, from event-spaces and lofts, to restaurants, conference rooms, hotels, rooftops and lounges.


There are a few major elements to consider when selecting the proper venue for your event. 


Event-Type/Style - what is the style of event you are hosting? Is this a corporate function, product launch, social gathering, or fundraiser? Each event-type lends itself to a different ideal atmosphere. Corporate functions are generally held in more upscale and professional venues such as hotels, premium event-spaces, or fine-dining restaurants where social engagements tend to work well in lounges, casual restaurants, lofts, bars and rooftops.  The event-type dictates the setting, so be sure to think about the reason for hosting this event before selecting your venue.


Who are your attendees? Your guest list, age group, and types of guests will help determine where you should plan your upcoming party.  If you are hosting a holiday event for your tech start-up firm with the average guest being 22-35 years old, a beer garden or hip bar may work well for your needs.  However, if you are hosting an annual gala and raising awareness for an influential charitable organization with the likes of celebrities, politicians, and businessmen, a high-end event space, hotel, or museum will likely best suit your needs.  Think about your guests and what they will relate to better before selecting a venue based on your own personal preferences.


Budget – Your budget is always a major consideration when determining where to host your upcoming event.  Generally, a raw event-space will cost more than a venue with built-in furniture, kitchen, bar, and Audio/Visual, as you will have to bring everything in to create your desired atmosphere. High-end venues generally will be more expensive than casual places, as they have higher costs to operate.  Popular, trendy venues generally will cost more money than lesser-known spaces, as they’re in high-demand with clients willing to spend premium dollars to host their events there. Weekend nights are always more expensive than weekdays and early week will be more affordable than later in the week.


Weather / Time of Year – Always keep the weather in mind when planning your next event.  It goes without saying that an outdoor venue on a beautiful spring or summer day creates an atmosphere that is magical and enchanting. However, there is nothing worse than hosting an event during inclement weather or having to change the date or venue last-minute due to unforeseen winds or rain.  For outdoor events, always consider spending the extra money on tenting or finding a venue with either a retractable roof or indoor space if the weather suddenly makes a turn for the worse.  Sometimes playing it safe whether it be only hosting indoor events or paying the premium for tenting and such gives you the peace of mind necessary to focus on your guests and creating a memorable experience for them to enjoy.


Spend a lot of time and do your research when selecting your event location. Do not overlook this detail and definitely do not rush it. A compromised or less-than-desirable venue can ruin your special event. It may be the single most important element to hosting your dream event, so give it the time and respect it deserves.