Impulse Specializes in Managing Holiday Functions and Special Events

December 14, 2011

With proven track record of managing more than hundred events in New York, Impulse Event Productions specializes in corporate events, private parties and holiday functions. From successfully managing big celebrity functions to simple family events, we have experienced it all while working for last two decades in the New York City (NYC). At Impulse, we have been rooted to our core quality and excellence principles since inception which has contributed greatly to our growth and success.

We have a team of professionals with loads of expertise and experience, who can turn your idea into reality. Our team possesses extraordinary insight into the essentials of management and execution with regards to events and parties. We at Impulse are incredibly professional about our work and will look after each and every aspect of your event in the way that you desire. Looking for a reliable company in New York to manage your holiday function or special event, Call Impulse today for assistance! 800.498.3049.