Movable Ink Think Summit

The Marketing Team at Movable Ink are all too familiar with the challenges in not only grabbing, but moreso maintaining attention​ in today’s world.  When the company decided to host their very first event, they knew they needed some help in ensuring that the guest experience was exciting, seamless and unlike any other.  From the very first conversation, the Impulse Team knew that Movable Ink needed new, innovative and very different ways of hosting their Think Summit so that it did more than just stand out from the standard expectations.

Every detail of the room, decor, menu, run of show, layout and presentations were thoroughly thought out and perfectly executed to make sure the entire day way dynamic and created a platform to grow and expand from their first event.  Allowing our Clients to really focus on their presenters and guests, Impulse took over all venue, vendor and event management and the event actually grew from the initial expectation of 100 guests to over 150.  Movable Ink was able to immediately measure the success of their event through the new business won and the existing business expanded and we are already working together on Think Summit 2017!

Event Details

  • Venue:

    Dream Downtown

  • Location(s):

    New York, New York

  • Guests: