Sodexo American Airlines Remodel Launch

​Being world-renowned for their unbelievable food and impeccable customer service, Sodexo knew they needed the right team to uphold their high standards when it came time to impress the executives of American Airlines.  Inside Park, an Ornate Church turned restaurant, was the perfect setting to show American Airlines just how impressive Sodexo’s transformation of their flagship dining and lounge experiences could be by completely transforming the venue.

With only 2 weeks with which to prepare, the Impulse Team got right to work finding the perfect furniture (including commissioning custom pieces) backdrops, draping, lighting and more to truly bring the Sodexo team’s vision to life.  Every detail from the custom red carpets to the florals and plateware was carefully selected to ensure that these high level guests would be blown away by the experience and be even more excited for the future experience of all their frequent flyers!