Working with different clients, big and small, in events of a variety of themes; have given us the professional experience needed to tackle any situation.

2nd Annual Alliance For Veteran Support Initiative

The Alliance For Veteran Support (AVS) has quickly become known as one of New York’s fastest growing, exciting and dynamic charitable organizations around.  AVS came to Impulse with a...

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Sightsavers Private Photo Exhibition with the President of Ireland

As an organization that is already gaining such momentum and having offices in 30 different countries, it was time for Sightsavers to bring Graeme Robertson’s photo exhibition to The UN Summit...

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Annual EventAnnual Event

Annual “Toast to the Children” Event

Since 2012, the Impulse Team has been called in to plan and produce Tom Colicchio’s annual Toast to the Children Event and we couldn’t be happier that each year gets more successful than...

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The Feast of San Gennaro

​When Chefs Club New York moved to Mulberry Street, and within eyesight of The Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, they knew there was no better way to become...

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Green Beret Foundation Gala

​After experiencing some unexpected obstacles, our Clients at The Green Beret Foundation were introduced to Impulse by a board member who had been involved in a few other Military aligned events...

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Pride Event With Grand Marshall Cyndi Lauper

As the city prepared for the jubilance of all the Pride festivities, the Impulse team was busy preparing an incredible private Pride party held at The Beekman Beer Garden located at the South Street...

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Non-Profit Times Square Conference

Impulse was contacted by a private, non-profit organization in order to handle all aspects of the planning and production of their bi-annual, 500 person conference taking place over the course of 3...

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Alliance For Veteran Support Pre-Event

Prior to the main event taking place on The USS Intrepid, the Impulse Team worked with the AVS Board of Directors to create a more intimate, invite-only, event for all of the Committee Members,...

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DU The Math National Scholarship Finalist Event

Making learning fun is something educators, parents and corporations have spent countless time and money on accomplishing and an area in which few have been successful.  DimensionU’s hard work...

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Team Racing For Veterans Charity Event

​After one of their board members attended a charity event produced by Impulse, Team R4V decided to enlist the help of Impulse for their next event.  Impulse was delighted for the opportunity...

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Alliance For Veteran Support Charity

This is the 1st Alliance For Veterans Support (AVS) event in honor of the soldiers who bravely protect us each & every day. The AVS decided to make a massive impact and to set a high goal, by...

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Trump Vodka Charity Event

Trump Vodka hired Impulse Events & Marketing division to facilitate their event productions as well as to help with their marketing and promotions efforts in the NYC marketplace.  This event...

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