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May 26, 2015

Even the most seasoned and experienced Event Planner knows that in order to be properly prepared, you must be prepared for anything.  You may be the most organized person and have checked and double checked every aspect of your event a hundred times, with so many moving parts and variables, it is almost a guarantee that SOMETHING will come up which you were not expecting.  From something as small as an unexpected guest to something as extreme and uncontrollable as a natural disaster, there are countless things that can occur that are outside the scope of your event plan.

DO NOT FREAK OUT.  No matter how major the issue at hand, if you panic or hyper focus on the problem, you will quickly lose sight of what is needed and that is simply, a solution.  The power of positive thinking is no small thing and with an event on the line, every planner must keep their composure and just get to work on finding the “fix”.   Here are a few quick tricks to help make sure you have the basics covered:

1.     Read and re-read all contracts!  Know exactly what the options are in the event of inclement weather, “acts of God”, or other extreme situations and have a pre-emptive back up plan in place.  While these “disruptions” may be beyond your control, being familiar with the terms and conditions will certainly help you stay calm as you will be more prepared to begin the next steps rather than figuring out where to start.

2.     Know where you are and how to get around.  Familiarity with the venue is great, but spend time looking at a map and doing some serious Google-ing long before your event begins.  Places like local grocery stores, copy centers, hardware stores, florists and craft shops can be unbelievably helpful when you’re in a bind.  If you already know where they are you can spend time thinking about what you need rather than needing to figure out where to go.

3.     Always have a “Gopher”.  The expense of bringing an additional staff member, friend, volunteer, etc. will hail in comparison to the amount of time, energy and stress they can save you for any little things which may come up.  Since you already know where the nearest Staples is, now you can keep working on getting your event ready while someone else grabs those reprints!

4.     No matter the size or style of your event, things like pens, sharpies, tape, scissors and chargers can be helpful in all kinds of scenarios.  Especially given how inexpensive they are to purchase and easy they are to transport, there is quite literally no reason not to have them on hand.


Also remember that while YOU know every detail of the event, your guests only need to see a seamless, polished and fantastic event.  What happens behind the scenes does not necessarily effect the guest experience so make sure you prioritize what needs to be addressed based on the level of impact it will have on the overall event and guest experience.  Just because it wasn’t how you initially envisioned it, doesn’t make it any less incredible for your attendees.   “The show must go on” … and if you really get stuck, the Impulse Team is always here to help!



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