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April 28, 2015

For many people planning an event (particularly for the crafty or artistic) the current “Do It Yourself” trend can seem like a great way to create an event which embodies your “perfect party” while simultaneously avoiding the extra costs associated with hiring an event planner. While Pintrest and Google can help guide your aesthetic aspirations, the reality is that events are more than table-scapes, party favors and décor.  There is a whole machine behind producing a seamless event.

In the beginning, when envisioning your perfect party, it’s easy to get lost in the vision of what the event will actually look like.  Many elements such as floral arrangements, linens, invitations and centerpieces, which may seem like DIY “duhs” can actually become labor intensive, costly and leave you overextended in the arts and crafts realm and unable to focus on other elements of the actual party planning.

Depending on the size and style of your event, there are many moving parts to consider beyond the look and “vibe”.   Things like catering, scheduling, staffing, product tracking, AV requirements, vendor coordination, contract negotiations, signage, guest check in, entertainment, etc, require a great deal of time and attention. For the first time or somewhat over zealous planner, many of these things can come as a surprise and replace the excitement of planning an event with stress and exhaustion.

Hiring an event planner is not only a great way to ensure you cover all bases and have the necessary help, but an incredible resource given the experience and expertise they should come with.  The ability to predict problems before they arise as well as having a map from start to finish can make having a planner a beyond valuable asset.

It’s important to remember that hiring a planner does not mean sacrificing your vision.  Event planners should be executing on just that; YOUR VISION.  The right planner will take the time to understand your needs and see where their services are of most service… which can free up more of your valuable time to focus on party aspects and elements which you find most enjoyable and most necessary to actually do yourself.



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