Alliance For Veteran Support Charity

Alliance For Veteran Support Charity

This is the 1st Alliance For Veterans Support (AVS) event in honor of the soldiers who bravely protect us each & every day. The AVS decided to make a massive impact and to set a high goal, by striving to raise $1,000,000 to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat.

The AVS hired Impulse to produce an A+ production on the USS Intrepid with a special performance by The Roots. Impulse produced all aspects and served as the exclusive event-production company to create, coordinate and execute everything from step and repeat, arrivals, check-in, FOH staffing, decor, staging/lighting & audio (for an official Roots concert), laser shows, VIP cabana creations for 12 title sponsors, video montages showing the families of the wounded Veterans, guest speakers, dozens of fully dressed marines lining the perimeter of the battleship with American flags to their sides, beverage setup, LED furniture setup, and much much more!

This was a spectacular event, we helped raise $1,000,000 for an incredible cause, we had the privilege to work with such an incredible organization such as the AVS, we produced a live Roots concert for the 1800 guest attendees, and ultimately helped make this into a night that will never be forgotten.

Impulse is already working with the AVS on planning and producing next year’s event! Much love to Omar Itum and Grace Helfrich!





USS Intrepid Battle Ship

New York, NY



“I can’t imagine a situation in which we would work with another group of people;or in which an event of this magnitude would’ve ever achieved the level of success that it did w/out their tireless efforts & participation.We will be back next year with our crew & teammates from ImpulseNYC.”