DU The Math National Scholarship Finalist Event

DU The Math National Scholarship Finalist Event

Making learning fun is something educators, parents and corporations have spent countless time and money on accomplishing and an area in which few have been successful.  DimensionU’s hard work certainly paid off and to reward not only their own success, but also that of the schools and students who got involved in the national “DU The Math” Competition, they brought in the Impulse Team to produce their highly publicized finalist event in NYC.

The school with the most time logged into the interactive software was celebrated by having the finalist event come to them! The top 32 finalists were flown in from all over the country to compete in one of New York’s Landmark Venues, Webster Hall, in front of the students from the winning school, friends and family.  On top of this momentous trip and exciting venue, the top 4 finalists were awarded scholarships presented after a performance by pop sensation, Greyson Chance and followed by an additional performance from hip hop artists Mindless Behavior.

Impulse handled all of the coordination and production and worked hand in hand with DimensionU executives to ensure a flawlessly timed and executed event.  From handling the venue research & negotiations, coordinating all A/V set ups and technicians, fulfilling hospitality & tech riders for the artists, creating a VIP experience and providing media accommodations, the Impulse team had it all covered and the DimensionU team was able to enjoy every moment of their finalist event.  There was no detail over looked or task too small or too large (including getting a baby grand piano up 32 stairs) for the Impulse team to manage.  Congratulations DimensionU and to all the finalists!





Webster Hall

New York, NY



“On behalf of DimensionU, I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of your efforts for our “DU the Math” National Scholarship Finalist Event. From our very first meeting with you, our team was convinced that we had found the best Event Planners in New York City.”


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