Fabulous 40th Birthday Celebration

Fabulous 40th Birthday Celebration

We had the honor of working with the fabulous and beautiful Yvette Schmitter, to produce her very special 40th birthday celebration! The festivities took place on Saturday September 17th at Griffin Nightclub, located in New York City’s trendy Meatpacking District. Yvette, a saavy and successful business-owner, knows what she likes and is extremely detailed-oriented and meticulous.

We worked with Yvette for 6 months developing the theme and vision for the party. The champagne, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were just the beginning.  For a woman of such style, class and beauty, this needed to be an”Over-The-Top” production with all the “Bells & Whistles” possible. Impulse hunted down the best cake-making company in New York and worked with them to create a custom 4-foot layered “designer” cake, showcasing the various brands that resemble Yvette as a woman. We enlisted the help of a successful TV producer and talented videographer to choreograph a professional movie trailer to be used as the official event invitation.  We worked with mixologists to craft a delicious signature cocktail that tasted amazing while also being aesthetically beautiful. We hired one of NYC’s best and most talented DJ’s to provide the entertainment and beats of the party.  We handled all of the creative and decor, and physically built each and every centerpiece, sourcing props from various places and crafting them together to create stunning, life-sized colorful and gorgeous feather palm trees and illuminated the areas with intimate candle displays.  The production was nothing short of spectacular and Yvette was able to celebrate with her loved ones and start her 40’s the right way!





The Griffin Nightclub

New York, NY