Mid-Summer Dream, Enchanted Garden Party

Mid-Summer Dream, Enchanted Garden Party

We know our friends the Kurani’s know how to party!  So after the incredible event Impulse put together for her husband’s 40th Birthday party, Jenny knew exactly who to call when it was her turn to celebrate a milestone.  Given that her husband’s party was a Saturday night in December, Jenny wanted to totally switch gears and take full advantage of the long summer hours with a brunch party from 1pm-8pm.  With summer, sun and elegance being the key elements, Impulse worked with Jenny to develop a fully immersive Enchanted Garden theme in which she could truly be a Celebrity for a day.

After visiting over 20 locations, we finally found the perfect venue on Park Avenue, the Patio at Inside Park.  Given that Inside Park is a restaurant and we had a party beginning at 1pm the next day, Impulse had a full crew on site all night long in order to get every minute possible to make this dream come true.  After erecting the 50’ x 60’ tent, it was time to load in equipment to start building a false ceiling so that we could create a true atmosphere of being in a forest.  As the rigging and construction team went to work on the ceiling and walls, the rest of the crew got to work on the custom wrap for the pre-existing bar to make it look like a giant tree stump, the checkerboard dance floor, stage for the jazz ensemble and celebrity DJ’s, custom hung bistro lighting and certainly the most impressive entrance Park Avenue has ever seen!

By the time the Kurani family arrived the day of the party, they could not believe the overnight transformation and how much more extravagant and exciting the venue had become, beyond even their wildest dreams.  From the moss carpet to the tropical ferns, the ivy growing up every line of the tent to the floral drop ceiling and custom trellis walls, each piece of hand selected and custom built furniture and right down to the handmade centerpieces, it was clear how much time, resources and attention to detail Impulse dedicated to bring Jenny’s vision to life.

We are honored to have become a part of your family’s celebrations and are looking forward to the next one!