Sightsavers Private Photo Exhibition with the President of Ireland

Sightsavers Private Photo Exhibition with the President of Ireland

As an organization that is already gaining such momentum and having offices in 30 different countries, it was time for Sightsavers to bring Graeme Robertson’s photo exhibition to The UN Summit in New York City.  After a week of displaying The Guardian Photographer’s images in the UN Building, the Sightsavers organization held a private viewing after the Summit for select guests, members of the media and even the President of Ireland.  The goal for this event was to promote the networking opportunities of attendees while simultaneously providing a more interactive and personal experience with the photos.

With our primary clients being located at their headquarters in London, Impulse jumped right in to get the ball rolling on finding a premiere venue that was the appropriate caliber, atmosphere, size and layout for an event of this nature.  Once Riverpark was secured, Impulse created a perimeter rigging system that would provide the proper balance of “in your face” presence while still being elegant and promoting ease of conversation and movement within the space.

As an organization so highly focused on the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, Impulse also worked with the clients to ensure that all accessibility measures were taken to accommodate a variety of special needs guests.  From ensuring proper handicap accessibility to providing interpreters, stenographers, audio devices and braille guides, every measure was taken to ensure that each and every guest would feel comfortable, included and have the proper means to be able to fully enjoy the event and appreciate the incredible work that Sightsavers is doing around the world.

We are honored to have been part of these events and look forward to many more!









“I just want to say a personal thank you Cheryl and Scott for your outstanding work delivering Framing Perceptions. You were such a joy to work with on the night – as were all your staff. I know you worked exceptionally hard for us in the days and months leading up to the events – both in the UN and at Riverpark. You really enabled Sightsavers to deliver a spectacular event – and what’s more you made it look easy, no mean feat!”

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