USW 10th Anniversary Zac Brown Band Tailgate

USW 10th Anniversary Zac Brown Band Tailgate

United Structural Works is known for making big things so when it came time to celebrate their 10th Anniversary, it was time to do some BIG things.  While most companies may choose to celebrate with a cocktail reception or a fancy dinner, the USW Team wanted to take it one step further.  With no more than a desire to celebrate in a “different” way, the owner of USW knew he needed some help from his go-to planners at Impulse.  As it turned out, the Zac Brown Band was going to be in New York at a time that coincided perfectly with USW’s celebratory time line.  Impulse worked with Citi Field to secure 2 luxury suites and 80 VIP tickets to the show and from there, a plan was hatched.

Impulse worked with Citi Field’s security and property management to gain first access to the bus lot the day of the event to set up this elaborate Anniversary tailgate.  With a 50 foot RV to serve as the “back of house” and plenty of blacktop (and private bathrooms), there was no stopping this “parking lot party”. (It may have been a Zac Brown concert, but Lee Brice would have been proud!)  92.3 Now’s DJ Niko was on site all day rocking out with the USW crew while professional wait staff handled specialty cocktails and killer barbecue food.  We were having so much fun that the police brought over barricades so we could create a “door” and monitor all the party crashers.

The festivities continued long after the concert had ended and the memories are sure to last until the next major milestone event!

See you at Christmas, USW!





Citi Field

Flushing, Queens