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July 14, 2015

Whether you’re looking to plan a small event or large extravaganza, creating a memorable experience for your guests is extremely important. We know, firsthand, how rewarding it is to leave a positive impact on event attendees, and what it takes to make partygoers wish the night would never end. To aide in the planning of successful future events, that are sure to impress, we’ve provided some helpful tips to keep in mind:


Exceed your guest’s expectations.  Nothing makes a night more memorable than walking into an event venue, and being surprised by an ambiance that creates a lasting visual impression. The design should have a “WOW factor” that captures your audience’s attention, and draws them into something they will remember for years to come. Take the time to think about what your guests expect to see at a venue, and strive to go beyond that ideal.


Pay close attention to detail! From table favors and parting gifts to decorations, lighting colors and catering, planning a memorable event depends on details, large and small. Take the time to account for each entertainment and décor detail, providing unique touches along the way. That way, when your guests notice something as tiny as a napkin ring, or as exquisite as a chandelier, they will be sure to appreciate it.


Think outside the box. Using the expected event decorations, entertainment and spaces can be boring. Your guests deserve to see something fresh and unique, setting your event apart from the norm. Don’t be afraid to try and create your wildest ideas because often times, the craziest ones grow into something wonderfully exciting. (And if you need some assistance getting your idea off the ground, the Impulse Team is always ready to help!)


Give them something to take away. Provide your guests with a gift to take home with them in remembrance of a wonderful event. It doesn’t have to be large or expensive, it could be as small as a box of candies. The keepsakes should often reflect both the values and style of the company or individual, while also relating back to the theme of the event. Just remember, even the smallest gesture can express a big “Thank you!” and make your guests feel truly valued.


The most memorable events are formed using creative design and thoughtful execution. Whatever type of memento you choose, be sure to take your time researching and selecting the best option. Keep in mind, it’s not the size that matters, but the efforts put forth to achieve a successful event. By remembering these tips, your guests will feel honored at your event, and eager to attend the next one.



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