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May 5, 2015

Many times and in many families, a mother’s love and seemingly endless “to do” list go highly demanded and highly under appreciated.  This Mother’s Day, take time to shower Mom with all the love and adoration you know she deserves (but that she probably will never ask for ).  Not sure what to do for her or what to get her?  No problem, we have put together some ideas for great ways to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day!

If your child is still too young to participate in Mother’s Day on his or her own, jump right in and find ways to make the day special by appreciating all that Mom does.  Getting up early and giving the lady of the house the chance to sleep in (or to get to that Spin Class she’s been missing) is a great way to start the day.  This is especially helpful if you do as much of the morning routine as possible, showing her that you not only notice “all” that she does, but also value and appreciate the time and energy it takes to accomplish.  Order in her favorite breakfast  and serve it with home made coupons for tasks around the house –  tasks that you and/or your children are willing to jump in and help out with when she needs it .  Let your kids color these themselves or come up with things they think Mommy would like help with.  Have them pick out their favorite picture with or of Mommy and they can decorate the frame!  These are great (and inexpensive) ways to involve your children and personalize the day.

While jewelry, flowers, chocolate and perfume have become more standardized Mother’s Day gifts, remember that Mother’s Day does not have to be quite so “cookie cutter”.  Don’t be afraid to get imaginative with your gift giving. Does she have a favorite store where she would love to have a shopping excursion?  This can be more fun and personal and incorporate an experience.  For the notorious exerciser, a session with a personal trainer or a certificate for “Class Pass” could work in her hobbies and show appreciation for her much needed “me time” as well.  For the mom who cares for and pampers everyone, a spa day can be a great opportunity to ensure that she turns some of that focus and attention on herself as well.

With the weather finally warming up and the sun coming out more frequently, incorporating family friendly or even date inspired outdoor activities can be appealing… get Mom out of the house for a special day that doesn’t revolve around work, school or extra curricular activity scheduling.  Get a basket and fill it with all the necessities for the perfect picnic – a blanket, cups, lemonade mix, Tupperware containers, etc.  If she has a favorite color, you can use that as the theme for everything going inside for further personalization! Is there an outdoor café she loves?  Make a reservation for your family and your best family friends to enjoy an afternoon.

Every family is different and so too, is every Mom.  Use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to show her just how special she is to YOU and YOUR family!  With most Moms, it’s the little things that count, so whether you are hosting or attending a large get together or enjoying an intimate day at home, throw in some personal touches to put a smile on her face as she’s reminded just how loved and appreciated she is!



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